Ph.D. Dissertation Editing and Proofreading Services

When the sweet month of June begins, the graduate students traditionally suffer not from heat but from the pressuring need to finish and edit the dissertation and to submit it on time. This document is a key to successful graduation, getting a degree, and stepping on the career path, possibly in the academic community. This is why dissertation editing has become an integral part of the proper preparation process, and this is why selecting a reliable editing service is an issue that may heavily impact the outcome of your graduate program.

We fully understand your concerns and doubts, and this is why we have made it the priority of our company to provide the top-class service at an academic level proofreading. We handpick each dissertation editor who will later edit the hard-won project.  We deal in a wide range of check options, including mechanics of writing, structure, and coherence of thought. Our help is fully available online, and so you do not need to waste your time on travel to get it. Put together, and our service will make your work truly flawless and impressive even to the strictest committee. Ready to boost your academic performance with our help?

The Opportunities Dissertation Editing Services Open For You

As you definitely know, the dissertation is a very complex and profound document that contains original research on a given topic and points what gaps in the field should be filled while also attempting to fill this gap, at least partially. This is neither an essay, not a journal; the dissertation has a rigorous structure, requirements to style, and citation pattern. The tone of writing and good word selection plays the role as important as the content itself.

This is why editing a dissertation may include several layers of work, where grammar, spelling, style, referencing, structure, clarity, and citation all go through the rigorous check. As a graduate with perspectives of receiving a PhD, you know how every detail matter, so decide carefully what exact dissertation editing services you need to order.

First, an editor for dissertation can do the overall proofreading of the language of the paper. All those little inconsistencies, like tenses use, verb agreement, articles, flaws in the citation, can impact the overall impression heavily. Don’t let it happen. A skilled editor from The Proofreading Agency will edit all mistakes and turn them into a perfect text worth the highest praise.

Then you can have the check of your document aiming to improve its readability. Namely, this service will ensure maintaining proper tone through the paper, having sentences of good structure and length, avoiding redundant paragraphs or repetitions. In such a way, the text will attain refinement of tone and persuasive power that is so important for a dissertation.

These are options included in the standard package of online editing that you receive. But there are more advanced features that are essential for creating a compelling and even elegant written research that will bring you the PhD degree this June without delays and hassle.

As you know from experience by now, dissertation writing and editing require clarity of your thinking and profound knowledge of the matter. If you have doubts in some areas of the research or lack time to build the argument logically, you may unwittingly create the text that is illogical or inconsistent. To avoid this trouble, order the advanced editing service that will provide crucial feedback and make your dissertation stand out.

Advanced Editing Dissertation Services

Editing the content and structure of the dissertation can improve the persuasiveness and scholarly ‘look’ of the text. Get your document through this scrupulous check process and wonder at the true academic brilliance of the output text delivered by our editor.

Structure editing

Academic papers of high level, like a dissertation, need to conform to a whole set of structure rules, and breach of these rules leads to upsetting failure. The division into sections, the content of each section, their length, local connections to the overall claims, paragraphing, style – these and many more factors need to be accounted for before you submit it for reviewing. This feature is available among our editing dissertation services, so make sure to use this help.

Logic and clarity proofreading

This is probably the most important aspect of the dissertation and, correspondingly, of editing your dissertation. Whether your argumentation flows smoothly, whether you express everything clearly and consistently, whether there are no contradictions within your argumentation – everything needs to be examined and polished. Yes, we provide this service online, too.

Format, citation, and mechanics of layout proofreading

The last but not the least point to consider. Often a paper good in content but poor in formatting may receive a fail mark. Negligence in formatting and mechanics of writing may well be present in approach to research, so the reasoning goes. To avoid this unnecessary trouble, ask our experts to edit every single mistake they see and ensure that the overall formatting style and citation pattern is fine.

Dissertation Proofreading, And Editing Experts Who Do the Job

How do you know that your dissertation will be handled by the most appropriate editor and returned to you in the state of true perfection? To be able to help you efficiently, we have gathered a unique team of experts who are experienced and trained and have hundreds of completed edit projects under their belts. Each editor underwent rigorous training, passed tests, provided their academic credentials, and only then started editing work with us.

You can choose the service of native speakers or ESL speakers (if this is what your dissertation should look like). They all are known in their respective fields of study, so if you ask for dissertation proofreading and editing in regard to logic, accuracy, clarity, and citation format, you can be sure their online help will be up to a point, and feedback will be very insightful.

Dissertation Editing Help Guarantees Of Satisfaction

Naturally, you may wonder if, behind all our explanations, there is a solid ground that will ensure your satisfaction and our online business ethics. Yes, there is, and we take our liabilities towards you seriously, speaking in the word of business.

First of all, you are legally entitled to disputes about the quality of service, and partial or full refund. Dissertation editing help is rightfully obtained by you from us, and we are ready to carry our portion of responsibility. Hence, your funds are safe, and you can contact our support team for help at any hour.

We guarantee you the quality of editing because we employ only the expert editors, and their great work is reflected in the feedback of happy customers. In the last June, we worked ceaselessly to help graduates complete their dissertation and submit it in the quality form. They are ready to share their opinions online for all to see, and we encourage you to read them since they give insights into our mode of operation and customer’s service.

Finally, online dissertation editing needs to be discreet and protected, so that none of your work leaked out before presentation and publishing. We employ the latest technologies to ‘lock’ our website and encrypt transferred data, so every piece of information you share online with us is absolutely protected.

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How Online Dissertation Editing Service Works

When you look for a reliable dissertation editing service, the last thing you want is the complexity of procedures and ordering. This is why we have streamlined everything to spare your troubles. The website prompts you the steps to take, so just follow the lead.

  1. Fill the fields with general information about editing service you order, set the deadline, and upload the document.
  2. Stock the funds to the escrow account – they will not be assigned to an editor until you approve the work.
  3. We’ll match the suitable editor, and the job will be done.
  4. You’ll get a notification (online and SMS) about the competed paper.
  5. Log in and download it. Only after you read it and approve our help, will the funds be transferred to an editor’s account.
  6. Leave a testimony for new customers to know how you liked our online dissertation editing service and the selected editor and come back for more services!

Why Choosing Our Dissertation Editing Services

When you look for cheap dissertation editing, don’t forget that ridiculously low price may hide the equally ridiculous level of service. The reputable companies usually include the package of obligatory features that ensure your satisfaction and safety.

We are proud to offer you such advantages that make a cooperation with us easy and 100% secure.

  • Pricing is clear and predictable. Normally, the price per word begins with $0.016, and with this rate, you can roughly calculate the cost of whole dissertation proofreading services. However, the cost may also depend on the edit level, deadline, and special features that you need. To make your task easier, we have included the online calculator that will provide you with the exact cost of the dissertation check service;
  • Free editing sample. It is important that you are happy about the quality and specifics of editing before you actually receive the completed document. This is why we provide free (yes, totally free!) samples of work, which means that you get a small completed portion of your paper in advance and see if the quality is as expected and if you agree to feedback our editor provides;
  • Experience and weight in the editing community. It is also important to know that your cherished dissertation is in the hands of reputable professionals whose word is valued in the academic community. Our team is comprised of experts who are scholars themselves or who have experience in proofreading academic texts. They regularly participate in dedicated events, training, and have the record of bringing the high-quality dissertation editing services to hundreds of happy graduates;
  • Work with specific kinds of documents like LaTeX (with conversion to Word). Often this format is the most convenient for submitting papers but not very easy for introducing and tracking changes. Our editor will convert the document into Word format, make necessary changes, and send it to you for approval. You will see every correction, feedback, and edit suggestions and compare it to the initial version. In such a way, first, you will realize the amount of editing work, and second, what mistakes to avoid in the future.

Important ‘What If’s’ Of Our Service Dissertation Editing Company

Now that we have explained how we maintain the highest level of service and online security, it is time to answer some of the most popular questions. Your concerns are fully justified, and we are happy to dispel any doubts and show that we are ready to cooperate and deliver the perfectly edited dissertation to each customer.

  • How do I know your editing is really good? Can I see a check sample in advance? – Absolutely yes. As we said, you have the option of free samples, so feel free to order it. It will cover about 10% of the whole text word count, so you will roughly understand the number of pages you will receive;
  • How fast can you do the job? Can I receive it in an hour or 4 hours? – Please mind that dissertation is not a short essay. Proper proofreading dissertation requires time and concentration, so we, as a responsible dissertation editing company, do not offer extra fast results, since it will negatively impact the outcome. The shortest term is 24 – hour deadline, the longer-term being 2 or 3 days. The more urgent the edit task, the higher the price, so if you plan to save money, allocate more time for editing;
  • Do you work on a flexible schedule, like on holidays or on weekends? – Yes. We know that your writing process knows no breaks, so our online editor is ready to lend you a hand any moment you need it. Our team works every day, 24/7, without exceptions, so place the order when necessary;
  • Do you offer a selection of languages, like editing in British, America, Australian or Canadian English? – Yes, of course. We cater to online requests of graduates from around the world, so it is essential to provide help in the language of the customer. If you do not mention the language to use, we will detect the language style used in the text and do proofreading according to it;
  • Do you have financial guarantees, like a refund or dispute? – Yes, definitely. While ordering dissertation editing online, you are eligible for all conditions and guarantees that you would receive in any other business interaction. So, if you feel the edit quality is compromised or have other concerns, please contact our managers. Every complaint will be carefully investigated and, if there are grounds for it, you will get compensation or free proofreading service from other editor, whatever you prefer.

Now we hope you have all your questions answered and doubts about our help to proofread dissertation removed, so do not waste one more hour of precious time. Instead, place a dissertation order, assign enough time for careful editing of your dissertation, and get the work that underwent thorough check and final polishing. Our proofreading service guarantee that you will be nicely surprised by the difference you’ll see. Your dissertation supervisor and reviewing board will be impressed and happy with your result as well. Make your June a truly happy month!