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Stuck with the writing of articles and their correcting? Bored with endless monitoring of your theme? No worries, there is an idea! Essay editing service is a cool choice for you to have a perfectly-written paper to increase the chances of college admission or get the highest mark for an assignment.

Pay attention that simple writing differs from the academic one, which sometimes confuses students. Such happens especially when English is not a mother tongue for writers facing troubles sharing their opinion in a foreign language. Writing takes hours and makes nervous requiring to show that you have enough knowledge and skills in the given field and topic.

Professional essay editing service lets the students feel free ridding the files of drawbacks, errors, and plagiarism. Want to try it?

First of all, it is crucial to mention that such support not only changes writings for better, but The Proofreading Agency site presents a comprehensive approach that brings your document to a higher level. Writing of high quality has a strong influence on the process of acceptance to the college, as well as an evaluation of general writing abilities and the manner a person presents himself/herself.

This is the reason your document should be impressive, unique, avoiding plagiarism. So The Proofreading Agency website is worth paying attention to, as the importance of proofread is obvious.

Why Pick Essay Editing Service TheProofreadingAgency

Whenever you deal with any academic assignment, some problems could be faced, and various questions could appear. It doesn’t matter whether your trouble is the tone of voice which is appropriate in the work or its structure, every aspect is supposed to be checked by the members of our team. Reasons to use The Proofreading Agency service:

  • It saves many hours: you don’t waste time with boring things to review and correct your work.
  • 100% uniqueness: the platform ensures your file has no plagiarism.
  • Logical structure: forget about incomprehensible sentences and illogical paragraph compositions.
  • Safe and reliable: more than twenty years of fruitful work, and more than 7000 finished orders that satisfied lots of clients.

Things Professional Essay Editing Service Deal Carries Out

Not every platform is into such a diversity of files, but service does. Should you write any paper (academic or not), our experts are at your disposal to check everything:

  • Dissertation (After a huge investigation, it is essential to be checked by a professional to present a fully logical article).
  • Thesis (Academic writing, Diploma thesis, or any other one also requires a good check. Correcting it is an important part to find all drawbacks and mistakes).
  • Essay: It does not matter whether you are willing to receive essay editing for admissions or any other type of paper checked, our acknowledged proofreaders are going to take care of it and make it perfectly-written without errors.
  • Article: Any type of article you require different knowledge, background, and details. This is the thing to be edited by the experts.
  • Research Paper: Don’t spend hours searching for required data, it’s better to trust it to us and have checked sources for a file of a high standard.
  • Report: Generally, many students need them to show their achievements during school life or after the project to defend it. Each report is supposed to be logically structured, which is an easy thing for us.

Our team members ensure that every client has the assistance of high standards presenting professional essay editing, responsive service, and reasonable prices.

The Way Essay Editing Services Work

Thanks to The Proofreading Agency website, the polishing of the writing process takes little time and as easy as possible. To have your file proofread, simple steps should be followed:

  • First of all, you are supposed to place an order on the website giving details of your request, uploading documents, and naming the terms of the deadline. To upload your file, choose one of the formats, which are the following: .doc or docs (that is Word format); .txt (that is Plain Text) or .rtf (Rich Text Format);
  • Have your payment completed online using one of the possible methods of payment, like the following: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express;
  • Follow the details of your order: you can track it online after successfully logging in;
  • Receive your essay editing help and enjoy carefully monitored and improved writing.

Professional Essay Editing Fields

Looking for the styling of your thesis for a conference, writing an article to the blog, or magazine/newspaper? Want to boost your academic performance? Or maybe you would like to have an MBA essay editing service? Here we are. Our proofreaders are willing to work on various topics and fields of study. Each file will be reviewed to avoid mistakes with grammar, spelling, and arrangement. The programs you can ask for help are the following:

  • Humanities;
  • Management and Hospitality;
  • Philology and Psychology;
  • IT;
  • Sports;
  • Government
  • Etc.
The Proofreading Agency
Qualified writers' assistance to improve your grades

Prices of Essay Editing Help

Through the diversity of essay editing websites, it is crucial to choose the best available option with a good reputation. The Proofreading Agency service is one such taking care of its clients for them to have maximum benefits of cooperation, receiving the theme of high quality and standard. Each customer can choose one of the offers of the website having various kinds of support depending on the request.

Proofreading is the first offer The Proofreading Agency presents. The name tells for itself and supposes only controlling grammar and spelling, changing some small parts in the construction of sentences. The more words you have, the higher the price. To add more, you can pay for a 24-h rush to have your writing corrected as soon as possible.

Standard is the following offer you can choose for editing essays online, which is the most popular plan on the website. It is a cool idea when your article is half-finished, and you would like an expert’s opinion about it together with the analysis and improving structure, tone, and content.

All in one is the best choice of many clients having more than one document to proofread. As a rule, three works of one person could be examined at once by an editor, who will provide various suggestions on your files explaining what sort of problems you have and improve everything.

Premier offer is all about springing your writing. You will get a full set of directions on how beginning with generating ideas and ending with a ready to hand in a version of your text. There are two possible proofreading by the editor, making your paper perfectly-written.

How Could Editing an Essay Assist?

Want to have success in academic writing and studying in general? Academic writing includes not only articles but dissertation, thesis (Academic paper, Diploma thesis), different kinds of a research paper, reports. Nicely-written paper helps create a good reputation, increase marks, and impress the readers. It not only shows your skills but also influences your future career.

Our experts carefully read each paper and ensure a high standard of editing essay. Each year The Proofreading Agency service is improving itself and becoming better for the clients to be fully satisfied. Our service provides well-qualified assistance, so even the most demanding reader will be glad to read.

What Are the Benefits of Editing Essay?

Composing and editing essays is not that easy, that’s why it’s better to ask for a help of a true expert, who is ready to present your article clearly and logically. A responsive editor will answer all your questions and assist with grammar, spelling, and even the topic if it is necessary. The better your document, the closer you to succeed. Smart pieces of advice are supposed to create a piece of art that will increase your academic performance. All the weak parts would be checked and be better.

To add more, you will have an independent opinion about your paper guarantying appropriate terminology and the right context of using this or that word. Such polishing will direct you on how to avoid the same mistakes in the future so that your future works will be much beneficial and well-qualified.

The Proofreading Agency ensures good marks for yourself, trusting your assignments to the specialists of their field. As a rule, it takes us two days or 48 hours to get your paper checked, but if you need it faster, you can pay for such an option and receive your document improved for 24 hours.


How to get my paper to proofread? 

The first step is placing an order with details of your request, uploading files, and naming the terms of the deadline. The coming thing to complete is payment. You can do it online using one of the possible methods of payment, like the following: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. Get the details of your order: you can track it online after successfully logging in. Enjoy carefully checked and improved paper, changing your academic performance for better.

What types of essay editing does The Proofreading Agency offer?

There is a great diversity of topics and fields of study the website specializes in. The topics range from IT and end with Humanities. The possible aids include not only proofreading but also full critiques with mistakes check. Choose one of the offers and get the maximum number of benefits. Thus, Premier offer supposes not only editing an essay but also brainstorm together with the possibility of two phone calls with the chosen editor and his/her support for 2 weeks. There are offers for each taste, and even the most demanding client could find something for himself/herself depending on the budget and request. To get the details or additional answers to your questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the available methods for essay editing services?

Security and level of service are above all for us, that’s why you can pay for the assistance using one of the payment methods, which are the following: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. There is no need to worry about your money, as we cherish our reputation and take care of clients for them to be fully satisfied with assistance and safety.

Is it hard to upload my file to the platform?

It is simple as a piece of cake! Essay editing online does not require much, and the uploading could be started just after payment. The articles that could be uploaded are the following:

  • .doc or docs (that is Word format);
  • .txt (that is Plain Text)
  • .rtf (Rich Text Format)