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Boost your academic life and accomplishments with our top-class service of proofreading done by true experts! Wonder if you may need it? Yes – if you do count to achieve success and recognition.  

In your scholarly or student life, there eventually comes the time when you submit a paper or a document and get it back with the remark ‘edit it’ or ‘rejected’ because of trivial mistakes you did not notice. This is not the result you expected, and this is not the situation you have to face. There long exists the whole editing industry, that caters to the linguistic and stylistic needs of students and professionals. Yes, getting proofreading services is an entirely legal and plausible solution. The only issue is to pick a reliable service provider who will improve and refine your paper, not spoil the essay beyond repair.

We are proud to offer you all possible sorts of assistance in proofreading online and do it with a guarantee of quality. It means that you get impeccable English grammar and vocabulary check and advice from experienced writers and supervisors even without leaving your home. You upload the file for edit and pay according to a previously agreed-upon quote. When ordering proofreading from us, you know what your every dollar is paid for. What you get is worth every dollar you spend - and even more than that.

 Definitions Of Proofreading And Editing And Differences Between The Two  

To begin with, proofreading and editing are not the same. Each process involves work with different aspects of the text and means various changes to be made. Proofreading or checking is more of a technical task, where mechanics of writing are fixed where necessary. It may include the elimination of grammar and spelling flops, improvement of readability of sentences, and maybe the addition of a transition word here and there.

Editing a file is working with content, with academic and stylistic aspects of the text. Removing repetitive ideas, shortening redundant paragraphs, rearranging ideas, checking term and definition accuracy, or adding something important are just several tasks the edit experts have to undertake to make the document genuinely perfect.

Editing, as part of the writing process per se, happens before proofreading because only the final version of the paper will have to be examined and polished thoroughly. Checking surface mistakes in the essay is the last step since no changes will be introduced into the text after it.

It is up to you to decide if you want us to do careful proofreading of language or request profound editing service and possible reworking of the document. We only follow your instructions. We may prompt you that careful editing would significantly benefit the essay or article, but you will have the last word on what to include in terms of content.

This is why if you see on any proofreading website suggestions of service that do not distinguish between the two, mind that these are amateurs at best and scammers at worst. Don’t let yourself get involved with such a “Phoney Company, Inc”. so that you did not harm your academic reputation, and they did not charge you a dollar for anything.

 Excellent Professional Proofreading That You Can Afford

We have been delivering editing proofreading service long enough to find out all do’s and don’ts of the market and derive a simple but efficient formula. We perform the required service within your directions with utmost care and quality, and we charge a fee per word count, so you know in advance what you will pay. No extra dollar will be demanded from you unless you require some other additional proofreading assistance. It may sound as boasting, but actually, it is our mode of work, and we follow it in our operations.

To achieve such high proofread goals time after time, we have established several cornerstones of our work, and happy clients added one more pillar. These cornerstones make sure that we stand strong and deliver what we promise to you and all other customers.

So, if you need truly professional proofreading and no less professional edit service, count on us to come to your rescue.

The Diversity Of Editing And Proofreading Services You Can Receive        

If you wonder whether we can help in your particular case, the answer will be ‘yes.’  

If you search assistance in the Journal submissions process. We know how strict the board is and how easily they will reject your submission because of minor flaws in style or lack of typos proofreading. If you plan to impress editors and present your article to the world, have it polished and double-checked by people who themselves sat on such boards. All academic standards will be observed, referencing included, and so you will avoid the hassle of rejection and get the ‘accepted’ notice instead.

Students usually suffer most and regularly browse proofreading sites seeking escape. Whether freshmen or graduates, they are easy prey to any professor who wants to wave the banner of proper formatting and scholarly writing tone. Whether it is a term paper, a simple essay, thesis, or dissertation, we will proofread it and remove any hitch or typo, and format it according to the latest APA or MLA manual. Academic style is tricky to master, and the better samples you see, the better you will write and proofread yourself. That’s the authentic way of learning, by the way.  

Academic level. Yes, scholars themselves tend to need a little help in writing. There is nothing wrong with it, and we are proud to deliver editing and proofreading services to people who push science forward. Academic writing presented for peer-reviewing or conference presentation needs to conform to a set of specific requirements provided by the receiving institution. Clarity, conciseness, the division into thematic parts, ability to provide a verbal description to graphic representations like charts and tables are all part of the scholarly agenda. We have experts who have walked this path themselves, and so they will proofread your cherished work with extra attention and a keen eye for specific red flags to avoid. Whether you need someone to have a final look at your long-researched and developed Ph.D. paper or to edit and proofread the file you have prepared for publication, we are here for you with this service.

Expert editing. It may happen so that even high-brow scholars may need a detached view of the ideas they present. We have a pool of certified experts who worked or taught in certain areas of science. They will be able to provide professional and accurate advice on the topic and its interpretation in addition to English language corrections. So feel free to browse our proofreading services online, see what fields of study are available for such assistance, and undergo a friendly peer review well in advance.


 Professional Proofreading Services: What To Look For       

Who will do the editing?

We can deliver the high level of service we promise because we have invested a significant amount of time and effort into our team – its selection, training, and maintenance in excellent shape. Professional proofreading services are professional as long as editors (who do the work) have their skills constantly honed and applied.

We maintain the proofreading excellence of our team through all recruiting and training cycle. We recruit only native speakers of English with degrees in respective areas of study. We hire only applicants with degrees of Master or above. They go through extensive initial testing in editing and get professional proofread training upon acceptance. Each of our approved editors is experienced and trusted by our customers since the results of their proofreading work bring the desired academic outcome to people who asked for help. This is the secret of the quality we deliver – we have the best team skilled and passionate about what they do.

How will I receive my order?

The best proofreading services are ones that are invisible to an outsider so that you could have all the fame. Yet you, as a customer, have the right to know where your every dollar goes and what edit changes have been implemented to improve your writing. With this in mind, our experts upload your finished file in Microsoft Word format with the changes tracking option turned on. It means that you see your previous work and changes introduced marked in red. If you include all editing changes into your writing (and we recommend so), you accept all changes and get the document's final version. If you decide you need to retain some of the initial content unchanged in the file, you include only the changes you need.

Our service is flexible here, our experts show you the best possible variant of presenting your research. Yet, you have the right to preserve your distinctive writing style without editing if it is a part of your academic persona.

Besides, mind that we work with all academic formats and dedicated software. We offer editing in LaTeX format, which is particularly important in proofreading when your file contains some special formatting or created for printing purposes. 

This attention to non-text details makes our proofreading service a reliable helper for anyone, not just people with Word or PDF documents.

The Powerhouse Among Proofreading Companies   

We hope we have explained convincingly what proofreading agencies to look for and what to avoid in the process, and why we are the first stop in your quest for good and speedy editing. We have established ourselves as a fully legal company, to be able to cater to people from all around the globe, and we do so day after day. We offer guarantees of proofreading quality and security of your funds, and we charge moderately in terms of word per dollar count because we know that your contribution is extremely valuable for everyone.

So, wait no more, upload the document that causes your worries for edit and have its language fine-tuned and improved to match the great scholarly content you devised so carefully