Academic Proofreading and Editing Services

Are you looking for academic proofreading services of the highest quality to check and rectify your paper?  Choose our quality tools, and you will definitely be pleased with the results of our work.

Why should you settle on our academic editing service? What makes us so unique and trustworthy, among other academic proofreading services English? What type of custom care do we render exactly? Find answers to these and many other questions in this useful article!

A Credible Name Amongst Proofreading Services for Academics

No matter who you are – a student of Cambridge or a scientific person, we can guarantee and assure you that we are eager to give you a reliable and trusted hand of help for academic paper editing.

If you are a student: we will be happy to provide you with significant and substantial improvement in the quality of any kind of a document, whether it is an essay, assignment, research paper, or whatever it is.

Beyond a doubt, all our polishers possess all the necessary skills, knowledge, and qualification to tighten up and perfect the manuscript provided by you. They will smarten such features as its language, register, and clearness.

If you are a scientific person, which includes being a professor, lecturer, post-doctoral researcher or even a business customer: We are experts in proofreading for academics, so we will put our foot forward to introduce refinements to the tone and pattern of your journal manuscripts, CVs, resumes, and various kinds of papers.

In case you are going to bring out your manuscript, it is advisable to use the option of a double editor facility. What does that mean? This premium type will provide you with two editors working on polishing your manuscript and, in the end, improve it.

It is clear and understandable for us that there is a growing need for English editor language tools all over the world. Correspondingly our overriding priority today is to keep up with this increasing demand from all our clients.

Competitive Price and High Quality of Academic Proofreading and Editing

It is commonly known that in many cases, one of the determining factors when choosing the right academic proofreading and editing company is its price and cost. We do understand and realize that and offer our clients among whom there are a lot of students, high fidelity editor tools at keen prices.

It’s not that difficult to establish the cost of your future order due to a set rate per one thousand words, so you can be familiar with the price of the academic paper editing service from the very beginning. Keep in mind that the complicatedness of the topic and the number of necessary corrections do not influence the price. It always stays fixed.

Among The Proofreading Agency’s customers, there are hundreds of senior professors and researchers who are really grateful for help with their written pieces of work. Their manuscripts were proofread and reviewed by the professional editor with a great experience in the field. After that, perfectly clear and refined papers were allowed to be published.

If this were not the case, it would be impossible to accept their work for publication. Actually, in quite a few cases and situations, the rejection of the university manuscript during its primary submission because of plenty of mistakes of various kinds in their work made our customers get in touch with us and ask us to proofread and review their paper. As a result, later on, they accept their writing for publication.

Academic Proofreading and Editing Services

If you are looking for an experienced polisher or editor in the area of academic proofreading and editing services to improve your work, then you came to the right place! The Proofreading Agency team is proud to claim that all of the editors who proofread your papers are highly qualified and can boast of being qualified with highest degrees.

A great number of our editors belong to some mainstream industry bodies and institutions, among which we can name such outstanding places as the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS) and the Council of Science Editors (CSE).

If you want to be 100 % confident and sure in the quality and correctness of the research paper you are going to submit, ask the customized group of The Proofreading Agency’s journal polishers and adjusters who are real experts in this field. Do not have any doubts about whether your instructions, as an author given by scientific journals, are strictly kept and followed.

We do guarantee that your scholarly articles will be ready for publication and never be rejected due to numerous mistakes in its content. Very often, an article written in English may be declined because specialists with experience find there too many mistakes of grammar, spelling, and punctuation kind.

Our scientific journal polishers and adjusters do everything possible (research paper, dissertation, scientific paper, thesis, etc) to be sure that you will never face this type of problem with your university article. They know how to resolve any possible troubles with your language when performing proofreading academic papers. Be sure that they rectify misprints and make amendments in the formatting and references of your piece so that it corresponds to all the existing demands.

The Proofreading Agency
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Proofreading and Editing in Academic Writing

All those who worked on it agree that it is quite a tiresome and difficult process to prepare a scientific article or manuscript for publication. There are a lot of challenging issues, one of which is to create breathtaking and consistent content. It is highly advisable to structure all the complicated data into various tables and figures so that they have high visual effectiveness.

Pay extra attention and do not ignore the accuracy of references when proofreading in academic writing. They also have to be thorough and performed in the right style. We also recommend you stick to other important issues surrounding formatting, which you can find in the guidelines. Asking us to edit my paper, it is also recommended to order a publication support tool which you can find on so that all the aspects of your written paper will be corrected and polished.

Academic Proofreading Online

It should be mentioned that all skilled and competent personnel of TheProofreadingAgency can render editing services in any field of study, which includes medicine, biology, and physical science. It is clear that the main features of scientific writing are accuracy and descriptiveness.

It is a must to report elaborate methods and information in an acute and seamless way. But these are not the only demands. Another important requirement complies running accurately alongside concise formatting and stylistic controlling principles (for example, the author guidelines of scientific magazines).

One more key principal of the high-quality scientific writing is it arousing interest, which only becomes possible in case an article is written in a good way. Vocational and qualified scientific academic proofreading online from our company can greatly assist you with satisfying the strict needs of scientific writing and mitigating the threat of your paper to be rejected or refused. We are happy to review, check, improve, and correct any of your writings for the availability of mistakes with grammar, spelling punctuation, formatting, and many others. Just ask us “proofread my paper please” and we will provide our assistance immediately.

How Academic Writing Proofreading Is Performed

You can address our experienced editor at any time of the day. They strictly check and improve your student work. Style, diction, and tone of your paper are rectified so you, as our client, can throw away any worries about your paper performed in a well-taken pattern. Errors of any kind, among which are grammar, punctuation, and style, are fixed and corrected professional polishers from The Proofreading Agency.

If you need paper proofreading and editing LaTeX documents, our reliable academic proofreading services eagerly do it for you. We advise you to specify the used styles, which seem to be unique and unusual. There is also a possibility to show you all the changes made by our polisher in your PDF paper. Thanks to this, you will be able to see all the alterations.

Advantages of Cheap Academic Proofreading

We perform the paper editing services at the highest level of quality in any area thanks to a great bank of proofreaders who know any discipline very well. It is important to mention that we pay great attention when select and hire the editor because our top priority is first of all the effectiveness of work. People who provide paper proofreading service your documents speak English as their first language and have at least a Master’s degree in education and experience in the field.

When hiring a proofreader to work for us, we ask them to demonstrate their qualifications, show their experience, and take a complicated and challenging test to show that they will be able to cope with our editing tasks. Our main and really important advantage in comparison with others of this type is that we choose only those proofreaders whom we can trust and approve and who have the experience.

We can provide you with a 100% guarantee of performing effective custom care. Try our academic paper editing services, and you will be satisfied!  In case you have tried our custom care and somehow was unhappy with any aspect, your money will be refunded, or the document will be revised until you are satisfied.

Order and try out our professional paper editing custom care just now, and you will be pleasantly surprised how good it is! And in the end, improve it. Two qualified and professional experts will revise and review your manuscript; thus, you can be sure that the degree of accuracy and precision of your paper will be at the top stage.